SEO and Artificial Intelligence - A Match Made in Heaven

Gert Mellak
Tools like Chat GPT, Midjourney and many others, have started to make AI (Artificial Intelligence) become mainstream.
In SEO we have been working with AI tools for quite some time - although the latest events around the end of 2022, beginning of 2023, have certainly been speeding up the progress in our industry.
Everything is moving really fast, but for me there are 3 key elements I would like to highlight that have a direct impact on SEO today:

1. Research

When a new client joins our agency at, the entire team working on the project - usually about 4-5 min., spends quite some time researching their industry. 
This goes way beyond checking out their website + main competitors - we explore the entire field, focussing specifically on how our client's ideal avatar uses the Internet to help their decision-making process.
Now, tools like Chat GPT don't skip this step - but they can certainly present you with a VERY QUICK recap of what's important in a vertical, who are some of the most important players, which keywords to focus on for further research - and also make sure you understand how it might be related to other industries.
Ever asked Chat GPT about an avatar's pain points, and what keeps them awake at night?
Give it a try!

2. Outlines

Creating new content in the best possible way is one of the most important SEO tasks that need to be carried out regularly.
One important part of it is creating an outline to lay out the overall structure of a piece of content.
This work was usually done by junior writers after some in-depth research, with the help of experienced writers on our team.
Thanks to AI tools, an outline these days can be done by anybody within seconds. The resources used for lining up a new piece of content can now be better used for strategy and implementation.

3. The First Draft

Remember when you created a first draft of a new piece of content, and then went downstairs to get a cup of coffee?
With AI tools, getting that first draft up is only taking a few minutes - once you get used to how instruct the tools about what you actually want to get out of each section of the article, tools like Chat GPT will be taking care of the rest.
One of my favourite tasks these days is lining up a first draft and handing it over to my team, or my clients, for further "expert processing" - after all, AI content should never be used directly, but always only after a PRO has reworked it and made sure it's correct + a fit for your overall strategy.

How about a hands-on workshop?

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Author: Gert Mellak
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