Fridays are mine.

Gert Mellak
# Fridays are mine.

At the end of 2021, I made a decision:

Fridays will be mine.

No client calls on a Friday.

No team calls on a Friday.

Just Family.


Creative Thinking.

And some focused work.

Sometimes, just checking in with my team.

I take the rest of the day off.

Should I feel guilty?


I'm doing enough hours from Monday to Thursday.

Has anything changed?

You bet!

- I spend more time with my kids
- I work out #freeletics
- I get to spend time on some home improvement tasks (I love my tools)
- I get to do some woodworking in my woodshed (did I tell you about my tools?)
- I might read a book
- I get to recharge
- The weekend feels longer

I do still work on Fridays.

But only a few hours.

Very focused.

On what I want!

What do you do to recharge?

Author: Gert Mellak
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